Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Nurse Ratchet and the HARDy Boys

Risa is a straight gem. She is hard working and fun to work with, one challenge we have faced however is her low level of comfort portraying a sex crazed woman. Nurse Ratchet is actually described in the script as a sex maniac and has multiple overtly sexual puns and jokes that can Risa can be uncomfortable with. Some of my favorite notes I've given her are:

"Hot dogs = Penis. Make the sex joke"
"Touch them, make it sexy"
"Be creepier"
"Make the sex jokes overtly obvious"
"You don't have to shake the chloroform bottle, just tilt it onto the rag"
"Good towel whip Risa"

Overall Risa gets better and better each night, she takes the notes I give her and her character work ethic is awesome. It's been a blast!

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