Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mr. Hardy: Joe Cullen (No relation to the sparkly blood suckers)

Joe didn't need much direction coming into his role as Mr. Hardy. He had a character laid out immediately, he has excellent comedic timing and memorized his lines by our first rehearsal! I have rally enjoyed working with him, not only is he hilarious onstage, but offstage too. He is an all-around awesome guy that has been very easy to work with and communicate with (When his phone isn't broken that is). When first seeing him in auditions I knew I wanted him in my show in one capacity or another, he is not afraid to look stupid and take risks onstage which is invaluable when working on a show like this. Some notes that I have given Joe this term have been:

"Stand up tall"
"Keep doing what you're doing"

I didn't have a lot of notes for him, it was generally keep doing that, or do that again. Thanks for being awesome Joe!

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