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Knockers- Description and Casting

Note: Some of the "Knockers" journal entries are not posted when these events actually happened. I've had some technical issues and haven't been able to post until now but I've been keeping notes in a separate document. Now I am able to transpose them here.

We finally begin! We're about tho get our first look at the next eight weeks!

Knockers was written by Chris Sheppard and Jeff Grove

Allow me to give you a brief description of what I'm looking for before we go over casting.
Knockers begins with Thomas, sitting in his living room when a knock comes at the door. On the other side are Esther and Alma, two missionary women for the Church of the Eternal Spirit here to get Thomas thinking about where he "might spend eternity if [he] were to die tonight"! Thomas eagerly invites them inside to sit and discuss their church's policies since he is currently "between religions". Alma and Esther are very pleased to have such a wholesome man interested in their congregation, however... it seems Thomas is a bit too interested. In fact, he starts making them look like the less righteous ones. Thomas, having thoroughly interrogated these women, invites our fourth character into the scene. His "wife", Drew. If you want to know the rest you'll just have to see the play.

For Thomas I am looking for a nice, rational, charismatic guy. I want him to look like he just got home from his job at the office but still have energy to have a lovely conversation with complete strangers. I need his speech to be level and inviting. His smile to be genuine and his focus directed. I also need someone who can produce subtle changes and carry a large amount of energy.

Esther is somewhat the opposite. Esther is conserved physically, we may have to age the actor with makeup, but she is liberal with her tongue. While her words and messages are conservative, she is not afraid to speak her mind and tell you straight up when she disagrees with you. I need someone who can play aggressively delicate. A strong woman who, by choice, holds herself subservient and withdrawn from worldly pleasures. My idea of her is actually based off of a professor of mine both physically and emotionally.

Have you ever seen Sister Act, starring Whoopi Goldberg? You should because my inspiration for Alma comes directly form Sister Mary Robert. I want someone who is petite in behavior, fickle, and easily persuaded. But she's got this bit of sunshine in her that, even in her conservative, mini-me, Esther wanna-be style, you can still look at her and think, "How cute is she?" I need an actor who can be indecisive and try too hard at the same time.

I'm looking for the same types of things in Drew that I'm looking for in Thomas. Average, like able, charismatic, a real wholesome, family man. Someone who is excited to see you and open to welcoming you into his home. He and Thomas get along very well and are eager to expose themselves to the holy, virtuous, saintly lifestyle.
I need an actor who's willing to put himself out there... way out there.

Auditions Day One: I have my Alma. She is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm fairly certain on my Thomas but I'll see what tomorrow yields. No Drew or Esther decided yet. Not many people showed up and I'm slightly nervous.

Auditions Day Two: Way more people showed up today! I was right to wait. Esther came right in with her first reading. She delivered what no one else gave upon a simple direction. I'm now certain on my Thomas. He once again proved to be exactly what I was looking for right off the bat. I know the least about the character Drew right now (still haven't received the full scripts) so I had all my Drew candidates read for Thomas instead. I found someone who fits those requirements and who I feel like I can trust going into the unknown. The other directors give him a good rap and say that he's been good to work with in the past.

My cast is set!

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