Monday, May 2, 2016

Introduction - Funeral Tea

Hello all!

I'm Sedona Garcia and I would like to use this post as a way to introduce myself as well as my play. I am a junior here at Oregon State double majoring in Theatre and History and after I graduate, I am looking forward to having a career teaching my love of the liberal arts to future generations in either high school or college. If you have attended any OSU shows this season, you may have seen me as Benvolia in Romeo and Juliet or in our musical Kiss Me Kate as an ensemble member. Presently, I am in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead playing Gertrude and serving as props manager. When I have spare time, I enjoy playing or writing music, working on diy projects, listening to books and belting in my car. I consider myself blessed by having the opportunity have direct my own show and strive have a clear vision and execution into this posh and quirky comedy.

The show that I will be directing is titled Funeral Tea written by Pat Wilson. Essentially, the plot is that four British women spend so much time trying to elevate themselves that they forget the location of the urn containing Uncle Jacob’s ashes which causes them to wonder if they may actually be drinking him in their tea.
The concept that I have envisioned  for this play is that it should make the audience feel like they are witnessing teatime with Cinderella’s stepsisters. The characters in the play are supposed to have cockney accents, which distinguishes them as being low-society, but they posses the ego, vanity and pretentiousness of people in high-society. This give the audience the impression that the characters are putting on a false a poorly done display of grandeur for the sake of elevating themselves, making them look just as ridiculous as Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters in their gaudy outfits, attempting to look more graceful than they are. The best real-life example I could draw from for inspiration for this were the over-the-top outfits at the Will and Kate royal wedding, particularly the hats. I want the hats to be the focal point for the characters costumes and for the hats to match the character’s personalities in terms of both size and frill.

Currently in my process, I have just finished blocking the entire show and starting working with the cockney accent which I will go into detail more in a future post. 

Until then, 


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