Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My casting experience

OSU Spring One Acts 2016 are here! I'm so excited to be directing this year and I'm looking forward to working with all of the talented actors cast in all six shows. This was my first time being on the casting side of the table at a large audition, and man, it was tough. Everyone brought in so much energy and creativity that it was hard to cast only two people in my show. This opportunity gave me so much insight into how much casting means to the entirety of a show. The first major decisions after choosing the show to do, is casting. I have a new appreciation for directors and those who help in the casting decisions of shows. Having primarily being an actor and being the one that auditions for the shows, I had no idea how nervous a director can be at the auditions also. It was fun for me to learn how to look at auditions and casting from the directors point of view. I can't wait to start working on Cake Top Follies and to bring this hilarious show to life.

So far, I've had one read through with my two lovely actresses and we've realized how busy all of our schedules are. Scheduling will be my greatest challenge, I can already see that and I've come to accept it. We will make it work by having weekend and late-night rehearsal jams. We have another read through and blocking this weekend and I'm excited to see what life we can bring to these characters and to the story we have to tell.

Kelsea Vierra

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