Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We Open Tonight!

I am so excited for all the work to be shared with the audience tonight! After a term of preparation (and months longer for the writers) I can finally sit back and relax. My job as a director is done! I now have the privilege to take on the job as an audience member.

Last night was our final dress rehearsal. The last chance for all the crew and actors to get their mistakes out and try new things. In The Mark (the show I am directing) all of my actors made some incredible choices. I found myself laughing out loud (I have seen it a lot so sometimes I don't laugh as much out loud). There was this radiant amount of energy as I could see all of my actors completely confident in their characters. The actor who plays Kirby (Reilly Quinn) made a lot of great choices and made his character silly and more weird. I think weirdness for the cult characters is key. All my actors have great energy and I have encouraged them to use it in their characters. The actors really pulled it together and all the shows look wonderful.

For tonight, I can't wait to see how the audience will react. I have no expectations. I am open to whatever happens!

Break a leg everyone!

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