Sunday, June 7, 2015

Closing Performance!

Well all things come to an end. When good things come to an end it's even harder. Today was the last performance of the 2015 Spring One-Act Festival. It was a great show that completely sold out! While thinking about the show during the closing performance, my brain was blooded with memories and emotion.

Sometimes in a process of putting on a show everyone is faced with stress or things they wish they did better. People say, "oh I can't wait for this show to be over". This is because it takes a lot of work to put on a show. It is time, work, work, time, time, and more time. It becomes the life. However, watching the last performance with my fellow students next to me and nervous actors on stage, I realized how much I love the life of the show with all the stress, drama, mistakes, and nerves. These elements make up the fun as we all learn right along side each other to become better. We support each other. My experiences with the playwrights, directors, designers, actors, and crew have allowed me to grow as a director, create new friendships, and form stronger relationships.

Watching the last show was a moment to relive all the memories and see opportunities for the future. The One-Act Festival is my last show as an undergraduate at OSU. There is something special about the connection with people and a play. When it all ends if feels like a small part of the life I was living just ended. But meeting all the new actors who were involved, I can see a lot of hope and potential for great shows in the future. It is time to move on and get focused on finals and graduation. Besides, there will always be another show! Thanks to everyone for the unforgettable experience!

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