Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cheep Cheep Final

Hey everyone!

We just wrapped up the final performance of the One Act Festival and I'm proud to say that everything went great. It's nice at this time to reflect back on all of the awesome things this cast brought to the table. My favorite moment had to be Saturday night, where Alex Tauss had a miraculous save on the ball as it rolled onto the floor, elegantly calling "That One" without missing a beat, which got a big laugh from the audience. Moments like these make me proud as hell and sorry that I'm not going to work with these people after the show is over.

These One Acts have finished my career here at OSU, and though I'm excited to graduate it's definitely hard to know that I won't be coming back for fall term. However, I think the department is strong and will stay strong with all of the new people getting involved through One Acts and onward, and when I plan my visits I'll make sure to come see a show here.

With that, once again thanks to my cast, Liz, Joseph, all of the directors/writers, and everyone else that I've met through the department! You're all the bees knees and I'll miss you dearly. Until next time, good cluck out there!

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