Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Visit From Dionysus

'Twas the night before opening, and all through the lab,
Actors gave their rehearsals one very last stab.
The directors were comfy, sprawled out in their chairs,
With hopes that their blocking would need few repairs.

And Anna with her notepad, and I in my place,
Had just settled down to watch actors' sweet grace.
When "lights up!" before us, there rose such a sight,
That I held back my tears but with all of my might!

Maxwel walked before us, portraying our Steve,
His performance so strong it was hard to believe!
Then Mason! Then Reilly! Then Crazy Ole Burke!
Their jobs all so perfect-- a result of hard work.

The people surrounding were laughing with glee,
So that I myself giggled-- what a fine sight to see!
After months of rehearsals, what laborious tasks!
Those actors had done what a dramatist asks:

They took on each role with vigor and might,
And brought forth to each a new angle, a light.
Mere figments were quickly transformed into whole,
And each character given a face and a soul.

And so, my dear readers, there's but one thing to say:
Our small play is ready! Bring opening our way!


Hope to see you there!

Stay Tuned!

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