Saturday, May 30, 2015

Marked Improvement

Hello Again!

Things have really picked-up for the entire one-act company as we prepare for opening night (less than a week away-- what?). Last Tuesday we began all-company run-thrus which have been going impressively smoothly thus far. I had the joy of watching each of these plays evolve in our playwrighting class last term into the little gems they are today, so actually watching them staged has been extremely exciting. Everyone's doing so well!

I'm especially proud of our little cast for continuing to make discoveries and adding to their characters each and every night. Every run is different and they're almost always an improvement on the run prior. Yay progress! We still have a while to go, but we're definitely getting there. My role is becoming more and more obsolete, in fact, which is actually a really cool experience because I'm used to being on the other side. Anyone who's done theatre can tell you tech week can get a bit hairy and the looming opening night always seems fairly daunting, no matter how well prepared you feel. This go-round I'm on the sidelines. My job's pretty much done. Weird.

I was pretty nervous for our first company run-thru. Would the other casts like our show? Are we as prepared as everyone else? I was blown away by how well everybody did that first night and several people came-up to me afterwards and let me know how much they enjoyed our show. Score! Of course, it's only funny due to the incredible personality each character has been given by their actors and Anna's direction, but I'm glad the bare-bones contribution I made has made people laugh. I'm so proud of everyone in our company. I think our festival's going to go swimmingly!

So what comes next? Well, our actors will be performing their first dress rehearsal tomorrow and we open Wednesday! We're definitely on the final stretch and it's incredible. Like I said, I'm pretty useless at this point. So, unless Anna or Liz have a job for me I pretty much just hang back and watch. Oh! I toasted an entire loaf of bread today for props, so I guess that counts for something, too, right? Regardless, things are great and there's no indication that should change. Thanks for sticking with us on this little journey so far. I can't wait to share with you what comes next.

Stay Tuned!

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