Thursday, May 28, 2015

Caffeinated Crisis?

Well, we made it through company run-throughs. Tuesday was the first run and it went really well and we found that we needed to add another sound cue. Linda Mann's news music is so great, we found that last week. We had a few hick-ups when of come to lines but they tried to cover it and did a good job of that. Wednesday went well, lines were better. But, there was a prop that broke. That poor vase didn't stand a chance. Yet, we decided to not use it and we got rid of a table and two chairs. It looks a lot better and gives the actors more room to play and move around in. The actors are doing a job at having each character having their own characterization. Isaac is one that really surprised me, his dealer voice is getting creepier and creepier. Which I love, I love that the audience will probably feel uncomfortable during that scene. Thursday was good, we had some lighting today and I gave Brain, Bri-Bri,some notes on our play. After rehearsal, we reworked a scene because we are down to one table and we needed to work the jump, we ended up changing the angle of the counter, it just works better and is safer for the jump. 

I can't wait for tech rehearsal on Saturday. 8am call for directors and dramatists.

Here are some pictures from Thursday:

Look at the cast! Kelsea saw me!

The whole cast on stage!!

Love the signs that we made, Bry!!

Until next time.

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