Monday, April 13, 2015

Let's Call This My Better First Blog Attempt (It Even Has A Title!)

And so I've returned. A little more knowledgeable and a little less rested. I realized I probably should have spent more time on the introductory part to my last post. A little info about myself: My name is Amanda Kelner and I am one of the writers for this year's one act festival. I wrote a little play called "Answer Me" for which I can't say I have an inspiring story regarding its creation or even really an interesting one. I have a folder in the notes application on my phone where I periodically write down snippets of ideas when I see something or think of something I think would make a good story or character. Matilda, my leading psychic, was one such note I made. From there, I formed the plot and her trusty yet unwilling sidekick, Tegan. And I can't even kind of remember where the inspiration came from. You know, just in case anyone was dying to know.

I actually tried to use this experience to apply a lot of theory I've been learning over the last couple of years. I'm not actually a Theater major, I just sort of slipped in because of my love for playwriting. I'm actually studying English and after (mostly) surviving Literary Criticism and Theory, I wanted the opportunity to apply what I'd learned to my own writing. That is, in ways of expressing themes, using language, and applying plot devices. And I must say, I think I approached a Devil's Snare with a fork...and that may be the geekiest analogy I've ever made...I'm not unsatisfied with the result, nor do I expect anyone buy myself to care, but I think it taught me a lot about how my natural tendencies as a writer work with and against the final products I was looking for. Certainly, it's a learning process and this is only the first of many steps, but it's been an important one and I greatly, truly, sincerely hope it's only uphill from here. If this is my peak, I'mma be pissed.

But until I can know for sure, my time is best served moving forward with the current project at hand. We finally have our cast and I couldn't be happier! I mean, I guess if the Hemsworth brothers showed up at my door with bread sticks, then maybe I would be. Or even if someone just anonymously left bread sticks at my door, I might move from "couldn't be happier" to "joyful." But that is neither here nor there. We have a wonderful cast! And soon we shall begin rehearsing! The ball! It rolls!



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