Monday, May 13, 2013

Future Future Future 3

Last Friday night I went to the movies to see "The Great Gatsby" starring Leonardo DiCaprio (It was very entertaining by the way). I could not help but think how stupid and ridiculous it is that he (Leonardo DiCaprio) is the exterior antagonist of the play I wrote. But then I realized that things I often think of as stupid and/or ridiculous I also find funny. To me comedy is something that is absurd. Something that is stretched past reason or understanding but still is somewhat identifiable.
Over the past few weeks it has been very entertaining to watch the four wonderful actors (Alex, Jay, Bryan, and Chris) and our director (Alex) bring this ridiculous script to life. I particularly feel that the over the top emotions and dynamics in each scene are coming together quite nice. The actors are doing a great job and are all very funny. And although I am not an actor and could very well be wrong about this; I feel like in many ways it is probably a lot more challenging to make a scene funny than it is to make a scene sad or tense (So props to the actors for being so funny). At this point in the process I basically have the luxury of just watching each scene unfold at rehearsals, which has been a lot of fun. We have a great team and a great Director and I am very excited for the One-Act Festival! Cheers,

P.S. If you have never read "The Great Gatsby", then do it! No movie could ever do the book justice. F. Scott Fitzgerald is a genius. Also read "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz" it.

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