Thursday, May 16, 2013


Howdy yall,
Alex here again from FFDG. Today I'd like to talk a bit about the progress we've made in rehearsals and challenges that have arose.

As of last week, we finish blocking! Hooray! There were a few reasons this took so long, we have some double-cast actors with more pressing obligations (The Misanthrope in particular sucks the life out of our rehearsal schedule), and my emerging directing style has brought up challenges. Through feedback and self-reflection I have noticed that I bombard actors with instruction even when we're simply trying to block out certain scenes. While they are talented enough and haven't complained, I can see how ridiculous it is to keep track of small things like inflection on particular lines when they're still furious writing down the staging directions. Although I feel it is a good thing for me to have such a specific vision of the play, the small details can be fixed at a later time (next week is our first run through off book). Until then, I'll just keep making notes, storing up my detail directions like a fuming volcano that once the breaking point is reached will drown out entire civilizations in it's cataclysmic lava torrent (this simile is 75% tongue-in-check).

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