Thursday, May 2, 2013

Billner 3

The pieces are all in place and we have a cast for the show! It's interesting to see something we worked on in class to start gearing up and being produced. At this point, I still think it's a pretty funny play, and now that the actors are slowly getting into the characters, I get to see the differences between how people view what I had written, and how it was originally constructed in my head. I like what's going on and look forward to seeing it come together.
So far everyone in the cast has been great, and very professional, I don't believe we will have any problem's with the cast, and even though it's very soon in the rehearsal process things have been going exceptionally smoothly, and outside of the cast, all the other playwrights and directors have been awesome to get to know and work with. This show will be awesome.

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