Friday, April 14, 2017

Love Games: Character Concepts


These are some initial inspirational images I've compiled for our 4 characters.

The kind of guy you bring to brunch with Grandma
When in doubt- go boring
Greys, soft blues- nothing too bright
Either dress pants, or nice, subtle jeans
Shoes can be boring-dress or clean-casual
Maybe a light sweater or crisp jacket
Inspiration: an early spring, Oregon sky

The boyfriend a father thinks he’s supposed to “protect” his daughter from
Sagging pants
Cleanest thing he owns are his shoes
Had a muscle tee phase- may still be in that phase
Boots or high top sneakers
Inspiration: Googling Justin Bieber

Shops exclusively at Old Navy
Maybe a light neutral or brown jacket
Fun and trendy ankle hems
The best friend who was the one all along in all rom-coms
Inspiration: Where Heaven meets Earth


Top of the fashion food chain
Tight fitting clothes
All about the silhouette
Always in heals
Inspiration: An expensive cocktail

There is also the "risque nighty" that more than one character wears. 

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