Friday, April 21, 2017

Auditions and Casting: The Two Minds of Mr. Coffan

Hello again! 

What a ride we have been on since I last posted. Last Sunday and Monday we had auditions for our One Act festival and I must say, we had a great turn out. Being an actor myself, I have always found it interesting seeing things from the other side of the table. I love being able to see the big and wild choices that people are able to make from only getting a run or two tops from the script. I mean, when you think about it, they are taking a big risk putting themselves out there in front of a crowd of being without any knowledge or instruction for the most part. Personally, I think that's part of the magic. 

When going into auditions I knew what I was looking for in the actors. For my main character, George Coffan, I was looking for someone who could play the frazzled writer type. I wanted him to have quirks, be introverted as well as overall a bit awkward, after all, he is cooped up writing a romance novel that is going nowhere. My characters from the novel I needed to be versatile because they are both essentially playing two characters in the show. On one hand, I have Reginald Baldwin which I want to be an over the top Mr. Darcey type. I wanted to see someone make big choices in both accent and movement so that they can portray the "courtship" in the silliest fashion possible. However, for his other character, George's father, I needed to see someone who can also play someone who is not present mentally and who has a very small capacity for relationships. On the other hand, we have Adair Augustina. Similarly to Mr. Baldwin, I needed to see someone big, flowery and over the top as the characters "fall in love," but I also needed someone who can make the switch to a sassy, knowledgable and strong woman in a split second when Adair plays her real self. 

I know that actors hear this all the time, but being on the other side, I can say that it's true! It was difficult to cast this show when there were so many great auditions. I saw so many new sides of people and it was a pleasure being part of the experience. That being said, my show is now officailly cast. Emails have been sent and the work is about to start. I couldn't be more thrilled. 

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