Monday, June 6, 2016

Knockers- Show time!

EEEK! It's opening night! I find I micromanage my actors a lot back stage as they're getting ready. Kelsea keeps telling me I need to "let the little birds fly" and she's totally right but I'm so worried. I guess it's cos this is the first time I'm not the one getting ready back stage and so I don't have direct control of the prep. I'm worried that something is going to be tied wrong, or their hair will come undone, or Jesse's straps will break and then the audience will be distracted from their performance. Because it really is a great show and they deserve the audiences utter submersion for the work they've put in.

The performance went great! When the lights went down and "Hello!" from The Book of Mormon, my into song, started to play I was suddenly struck with the realization that this was it. There was nothing I could do and anything could happen. My brain was screaming, "They could just stop talking... They could just draw a blank and stop talking all together!" I mean, I have faith that my actors are smart and trained enough to handle a mistake in the lines but all of a sudden I was realizing that the worst case scenario was suddenly entirely possible. It's kind of like how you know the Zombie Apocalypse isn't possible but you're still keenly aware of your own mortality if it were to happen. Luckily, there were no mistakes and it went wonderfully! I am very, very proud of my six collaborators. Emily, Ruth, Elena, Jesse, Anahelena, Steven, you all rocked it! Thankyou!

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