Monday, June 6, 2016

Final Bow
I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who came and supported our shows by buying tickets, being a faithful audience member, family, friends, cast and crew members. It was so important to have all of you behind us directors for support and inspiration. A huge shout out to Liz for pushing us and believing that we could do this. That's a lot of trust for a group like us. It was an amazing journey this term. Most of us are actors and behind the scenes kind of people and to be giving the opportunity to direct a one-act was exciting and intimidating. We all killed it if you ask me. Each show reflected the director in a strangely accurate way. A piece of us was in each show and it's hard to let a piece of you go like that. I'm so impressed with all of the shows and how different each one was, yet how well each one fit into the festival. I'm just gushing over this and I don't care. It was such a fun experience despite the stress and hard times. All worth it. Again, thank you to everyone involved and please continue to support OSU theatre in the future.

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