Friday, May 27, 2016

Knockers- Meet the Cast & Crew

Note: Some of the "Knockers" journal entries are not posted when these events actually happened. I've had some technical issues and haven't been able to post until now but I've been keeping notes in a separate document. Now I am able to transpose them here.

Though we take our show seriously, we don't entirely take ourselves all that seriously. To show you just a few of the reasons (with more to follow) why we are such a lively, unorthodox bunch, they would like to introduce themselves. I hope you fall in love with their charm just as I did. 

Anahelena Goodman-Flood- portraying Esther

First Year, Recreation Resource Management. 

Reason for doing the show: I dig theater, and One Acts are a really accessible opportunity for people like myself who have not been involved in other productions. 

Fun Fact: Anahelena has no rhythm.

Elena Ramirez- portraying Alma

Sophomore, Ethnic Studies w/ minor in Anthropology 
Reason for doing this show: Because PJ sent me a facebook invite for the auditions and I made the cut haha. 

Interesting/Quirky Fact: I can lick my elbowwwwww

Steven Evans-Renteria- portraying Thomas

19, Hermiston OR, I can play 14 instruments and have an almost three and a quarter octave range. Doing the show because I needed to work on my acting chops, Music Major.

Jesse Johnson- portraying Drew

Jesse Johnon is an OSU Sophomore majoring in Math and Physics. He was in OSU's production of Rosecrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, his first time acting in several years. He also enjoys DnD, and movies.

Costume Designers

Emily Upton

Emily is a full-time student at Oregon State University working towards a major in Apparel Design and a minor in Theatre Arts. She was homeschooled her entire life all the way up until college. She has worked in costuming for four years and is currently the Costume Shop Assistant at OSU. She has over 13 years dance training in ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, lyrical, and tap, and is an avid pursuer of her hobby of cosplay, where she creates her own costumes and props and attends conventions around the Northwest, showcasing her work and hosting panels.

Ruth Drake

I've been studying apparel design here at OSU for two years now, but since i transferred in I have enough credits to be a senior. I'm costuming this show due to my love of costuming and the past experiences I have had as a costume designer in last years one act "The Answer" and this years student run production of "Desdemona" have been amazing. I'm hoping after I eventually graduate to continue learning about costume design in an MFA and hopefully PHD program and eventually get a job in theatres or even in film as a costume designer.

 Directors note: Having seen their work, Emily and Ruth are not only great costumers and designers, but they are great makeup artists as well. Seen above is some prosthetic work of Ruth's and is not actual scarring.

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