Sunday, June 7, 2015

Meet Emily PETErs

This is a big picture, I apologize. It would not let me re-format it.

Emily Peters is a red haired and hazel eyed 21 years old who has an abiding love for Star Wars. She loves long walks on the beach and carnations are her favorite flowers. She hails from Lebanon, Oregon and she went to Lebanon High School. She has loved theatre ever since she played God/Father Abraham in her middle school play. One of her favorite roles she has played on stage was the man eating plant, Audrey II, in Little Shop of Horrors. Maybe you have seen her onstage, she was most recently in Mother Courage and Her Children as Yvette. She was also in Julius Caesar as Calpurnia. Finally she would like to add that she has five siblings that she loves her Mom and Dad, who she says are great. I am going to have to take her word for it though, I have never met her parents. Also, her dog Sammy is cool. Now that I can believe, dogs are awesome.

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