Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I may have neglected a few days...

True, there were a number of performances in which I did not respond afterwards the way I had intended, but miraculously, there were no negative reasons to set one performance apart from another. Each night went as smoothly as the next and each night I was just as entertained as the previous show. It was a pleasure working with the cast and crew of this year's One Act Festival and everyone should be really proud of what we all managed to put together.

But more than that, I give props to the other writers and directors, especially Sam Zinsli, for making this experience all the more special. Sure there were times when we all wanted to kill each other and it wasn't always smooth sailing, but I formed some really valuable friendships over these last few months and on top of that I was able do the thing I love most. This opportunity to put my playwriting skills to work has been invaluable and I'll certainly never forget it.



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