Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Coffee Away!!!

Well, dress rehearsals went well. Had a couple of mishaps with costume changes in Sunday. Isaac had some trouble changing. It was the first time we had costumes and there were bound to have some issues. But on Monday, the changes went so much better and the cast is doing an amazing job. I still had this feeling that one of Kelsea's costume changes was too long but after our final dress I told Sedona and Isaac to run around a little more. If you are wondering why they are running around, I guess you'll have to see the shows. 

Also had some changes with the sound for Brian. He's doing a great job with stage managing and he's really great at understanding when we have something to change.

Here are some pictures from dress:
She looks so cute!

How we all feel during dead week!!

The CEOs!!

Opening night went great!! I'm really proud of this cast and all their hard work. They did a great job and I feel. Wet fortunate to having Kelsea, Sedona, Isaac, Kyle, Ben and Rachel a part of this journey with Bry and I. I know that every show from now on will make me laugh every time. Thank you.

Some back stage photos of the cast of Caffeinated Crisis!!

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