Monday, May 25, 2015


Sam's thoughts:

Hello internet, my name is Sam Zinsli and I am directing Answer Me, written by Amanda Kelner. The play is about a "psychic" named Matilda. Her powers are not like Matilda Wormword's powers from the critically acclaimed movie Matilda but she can see into the future-ish! Matilda, the hermit, thinks she has it all figured out until Tegan, a young rover traipsing across the United States in search of a better life, comes to the South in search of a new job. What will happen next?! Will Matilda ever leave the house? Will Tegan find her dream job? Will somebody Answer Me? Come see the 2015 Spring One Act Festival to find out!

I'm excited to share this play and over the course of the nest two weeks I will put up biographies of the cast and costume crew of Answer Me. I hope you'll enjoy them! Here are some preliminary pictures from rehearsals:
This is Amanda. She wrote Answer Me.

Table Werk with Air Dools and Emily!
This is Emily sitting at her desk!

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