Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Play Time!

We're back on track and ready to work. With all work comes good play, not the screwing around kind of play, but playing with characters, emotion, and decisions on stage. This is where we are now. It was fun seeing Isaac and other actors work on voice changes and little character developments. These minute details make all the difference and it's good to see some progress. My favorite thing about being a stage manager is when actors are off-book. Last rehearsal went well off-book and they continue to make progress. Those who were a little shaky with their lines soon figured out that playtime is over if you aren't memorized. Teri can attest to yesterday's rehearsal where the actors met the the costume designers and hammered out some final details. It's exciting to see this show come together! Even the coffee tables and coffee counter look great! As we rehearse the rest of the week I can't wait to see the progress we'll make and how it will shape out show. Enjoy these photos from our last rehearsals!

Here's Isaac strutting his stuff as "Dealer"

Oooh creepy!

"Who do we hate? The Man!"

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