Sunday, May 17, 2015

Kicking into High Gear

Well it's been a crazy week and Dolly West just closed so Teri and are ready to get this show moving along! Rehearsals have been crazy, but this week (with all luck) is going to be awesome. Tonight and last rehearsal on Thursday we made a lot of progress. Since we came back from a rather weird break (with the play being over and Teri being sick) tonight was a good comeback. We did as much of the show as possible end then did some character work.

This weeks' goals are to:

1) Make sure everyone has their lines down perfect (that means actors do outside work)
2) Make transitions smooth (Be on top of cues)
3) Keep coming up with creative character ideas
4) Be super ready by tech (meaning run the show multiple times by the end of the week)

Here is Isaac showing off his stuff as "Dealer"

This was from last rehearsal, the final scene. 

Here are the CEOs plotting their evil caffeinated plan! 

I think we're ready and really excited of this week, maybe all we need is a little coffee for motivation?

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