Thursday, June 13, 2013

La Vie en post

This might get a little sappy and sentimental but it is necessary...........

After class yesterday and reflecting over the whole experience with all the members of the class I realized how bad ass these last two terms have been. I really would like to thank everyone that was involved. This started during winter term and that class was just a great start with Chris, Davey, Megan, Mike and Emily thank you for all the help on the script along the way and the criticism that was able to make it as well as it turned out to be.

Then the new additions this term Mike, Alex, Abbey and Tucker made the second have of the process just as cool. All the plays turned out to be great. Chris and Tucker put out a hilarious story of Mr. Billner and his cross dressing-fake bird chirping-squeeking boob day, Alex and Mike's Future Future Dear God turned out to be something completely different than I think anyone imagined when we read Mikes script last term which was really funny and then Alex added in his sense of Americana humor that was perfect. Abbey and Megan Crossroads might have had some confusing moments but I still really enjoyed watching it and reading through it last term. Botis is still one of my favorite characters and the whole little world the play was operating in was fun to play around with. (Abbey thank you for showing us how to properly stab people while on stage and the constant encouragement to stay involved in theater, I'm sorry I made you cry!)

Mr. Beaton, you did one hell of a job figuring out how to make the little conversation that was my script and make it action oriented an entertaining. The contrast between the death and the song at the end of the play was extremely beautiful and I am very thankful for the interpretation you put up on stage. ALL OF THE ACTORS FUCKING KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK! Joseph, Brian, Anna, Erin and Caleb thank you so much for bringing the characters to life it would not have been the same without your effort and energy!

And last but not least.....Thank you very much Liz for the opportunity to do this. You gave us the perfect amount of freedom and direction and the last two terms have been very cool and extremely helpful for the future. It's always awesome to have someone who can give you complements for your work and then tell you everything that is shit about it because you want us to grow as writers or actors or directors instead of blowing smoke up our ass. It's hard to call this a "class" but it was one of the best experiences since I've been in college....thank you (and thank you for making me spend the summer as a kitchen wench, I can't wait!).

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