Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Final Post

 Directing Rose was a fun but stressful experience made even more stressful by the fact that it was not only a production but also a class, and as a class there was much more work that I had to accomplish.  These blog posts are part of the work I had to do for the class, as well as keeping a journal and typing a final reflection paper on the experience.  I am going to write a reflection paper, but keeping a record of the rehearsals and posting a blog weekly like I was supposed to was something that I didn't succeeded at.  I was busy with all the other work for the play, and also because it was a play I had trouble remembering that there was classwork that I had to complete.  Theatre has been my form of escapism and I thinking of it as being a class made the experience less exciting and pleasurable.  Having to also work nights and be in The Misanthrope, and my time and energy for getting things done other than the technical necessities of the play was too much to handle.  So I admit that I didn't complete all the work that I was assigned, and I deserve the grade according to that, but as for directing the show, I am happy with the way it turned out and thankful to have worked with the people that I did.  I want to make one final thank you to my actors for their hard work and patience and for putting on a terrific show.  I also want to thank Ricky Zipp for writing a great play and being great to work with in making it come to life.  I'm thankful that my first directing experience was a positive and enjoyable one and I hope to have more in the future.  Thank you all for seeing the shows, and putting up with me. Thank you.  

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