Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rehearsals at least

So after a couple of weeks have gone by and the rehearsals for Those Who Really go to the Crossroads have begun. On a sad note though I have been unable to be present at said rehearsals due to the run of another show in which I'm involved. So yes, I've been busy....

Now to the upside! I have gone to four rehearsals and the first was in all honesty, the hardest, because I didn't want to step on Abbey's (the director) toes. However, it turns out that I was being silly.

As the writer I do hold a certain amount of power to pout and tell Abbey (the director) no, but as it stands I'm really enjoying the process of seeing my characters come to life and so I haven't needed to fuss over the ideas that Abbey is bringing to my script.

Then, of course, we have four wonderful actors who have brought so much to the characters and have really made the rehearsals a lot of fun. With Abbey, who loves to laugh, and myself, equally loving to laugh, the action on stage can sometimes come to a slight stop as we all let the joking and laughter die down so that we can continue on with whatever it was that was being worked on.

With all that's happening to my play, I'm very happy with what's been done and it'll be great once we reach that finish line, but just for right now, I love watching the whole thing pan out.

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