Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Future, Future, Dear God!

First off, I feel very fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with Alex Ries (The Director) as well as all my other class mates. Also, Liz is a great teacher and has given me confidence in a field that I most likely would have never explored had I not signed up for the play writing class last term. I definitely consider myself the luckiest guy in the class using the strictest definition of the word "lucky". Why? Allow me to elaborate: 
My name is Mike Seus (pronounced Seiss, which rhymes with slice) and I have little to no theatrical background. To be completely honest, I have only ever been in two plays; one of which was in the fourth grade when I played a grizzly bear (a part I have continued to play throughout my life). My favorite movies are "300" and "A Goofy Movie". I thought the "Misanthrope" was a cough medicine until about two days ago, and I failed Freshman English. I failed it hard.
Having said that, I love to write! When it came time to write our final play I wasn't really sure where to start. My first play was about a cowboy, my second play was about a ghost, so the next logical step seemed like writing about a time traveler who runs into two stoners. I know what you're are thinking: "Great another stoner comedy about a time traveler who runs into stoners, and finds himself horrified by Leonardo DiCaprio". I forgot to mention that Leonardo DiCaprio plays a pivotal role in the story (not the man, just the name. We tried to book him but he was a little out of our price range. That was a good joke right?).
 I can't remember what my inspiration for this play was in all honesty. I remember staring at the wall for like ten minutes and then I just started writing. In retrospect I definitely think The Twilight Zone, Spinal Tap, and Wayne's World all had an impact on the story to some degree. Alex and myself have talked about how important casting is and I am really excited about this Sunday and Monday. Try out. Do it. If you don't have any theatrical experience don't worry, I don't either. Cheers!


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