Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Leo is happy and also relevant
Hello friends, my name is Alex Ries and I will be directing Future Future Dear God in the upcoming Spring 2013 One Act Festival. I happen to be the luckiest director in having Mike Seus as my playwrite who has cooked up a deliciously funny script. That being said, I'm very excited for this opportunity.

Future Future Dear God (FFDG) is a comedy about the cold war, time travel, and stoners (with a significant amount of movie references and jokes). This gives me great freedom as a director, seeing that the universe of the play is not confined to the rules or conventions of a "serious reality." An example of this is Dr. VonFeldsBurgerBerg's laboratory, which I feel can be appropriately ridiculous by taking influence from both Back to the Future and Dr. Strangelove. Glazoons of other funny stylistic opportunities abound (Leonardo DiCaprio is a theme in himself, one which will be more explored in later blogs).

I foresee the most important part of this production will be finding a good cast, so make sure you and your talented (or untalented, you never know what could be discovered) friends show up to auditions this coming Sunday and Monday! (April 14th and 15th) No preparation is necessary but you can check out a script from the Withycombe theater office this week.

May your dreams always have other dreams in them.

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