Monday, May 16, 2011

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Just checking in from the rehearsal site of Hint, the hilarious whodunit coming to a stage near you! With seven actors changing scenes constantly this fast moving play makes for fast moving rehearsals! The actors are doing their best, syncing up their lines and physical comedy to make Hint the best it can be! You might even catch a few of them around the theatre running lines with each other or our fantastic stage manager Colin in their off time! In the word's of Miss Mint, "That's called teamwork!"

Our show, you might say is a little set and prop heavy! The actors have to manage five locations and all the props that go with them... some of the more challenging include toilets (with a plunger), a fridge, and an iron maiden! Many of them covered in...blood! To manage the quick scene changes the actors must cope with having multiple locations on stage at once, and navigating them naturally, which limits their physical space, but they are moving about their creative spaces just fine. Problem solving is the thought of the term with this detailed script!

Every day we all learn a little more about each character. Someitmes in what they do, or how they say something. Othertimes we get the chance to dicuss how the characters are developing, and what new things in the scirpt might indicate the personality of a character in question. It is clearly apparent that everyone is begining to have an understanding not only of their own character and what that character thinks about others, but also of the general identity and opinions of other characters.

After some rehearsals sporting lots of line flubs and a less than perfect first run, things are really cleaning up and begining to look good. It shows an extra amount of dedication to be willing to rehearse while better weather begins to crop up around campus! We are so totally on top of making this one act happen! All the wonderful actors are getting ready for an audience. We are uber excited, as the Frau might say, to head into tech this coming weekend and prepare for dress rehearsals! I will check back in then!


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